Our desire is for each and everyone of the women in our church to know Jesus, to know that they are loved, to know that they are covered in prayer, and to know that they are valuable!  We love Jesus and pray that our women would truly experience Him—in all His love, forgiveness, joy, power, and peace. 

For more information contact Val Cressman - valerie@bluewaterbaptist.ca

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True biblical ministry is the exercising of spiritual gifts by every member of the church. Therefore the goal of our men's ministry is:

  1. Prepare men for outreach: Making men comfortable in getting out into the local community field to impact it for Christ.
  2. Reach out to the men of our community: Through programs and events in a non-threatening environment, giving searchers every opportunity to ask those questions about Christ openly with men who have "been where they have been."
  3. Create an environment of fellowship and Christian growth for men: Through Bible studies and special events to help foster Christian growth in the men of the church, providing opportunities for fellowship, support and accountability where needed.
  4. We already have opportunities to help out in the community; we just need the manpower to act!

For more information contact Jon Bennett - jonathan@bluewaterbaptist.ca


Our Seniors ministry, called "Boomers", meet from time to time throughout the year for social get-togethers and special events. Our Boomers are heavily involved in small groups where they spend time deepening their understanding of God's word, praying together and enjoying fellowship. 

For more information contact the office - office@bluewaterbaptist.ca

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Hearts & Hands is an umbrella of compassion ministry where we minister to the needs of our Bluewater family and also work in conjunction with the Women's Interval Home to help at different times throughout the year.